“NuComm came to the Philippines in 2004 to establish our first BPO center outside North America. We knew absolutely nothing about the Philippines and met Don through the American Chamber. Subsequently, we hired him initially for a 6-month engagement to help us walk through the myriad of things we needed to figure out about this country. We kept him on board for another six (6) months to advise our post operational period.

The experience was fantastic. Don seemed to know everyone in the Philippines and helped get everything set up: from logistics to our delivery center, to telco, technology, the government in half the time it normally takes. Our investment in his services was worth at least many times more when you consider how much we saved in terms of time and resources setting-up.”

Robert Gust
EVP –Global Operations

“As a client of Don we are writing to share with you our experience and the invaluable service he brought to our company.

During our engagement, Don bridged a rather large gap. LexisNexis had an aggressive plan to establish a 300-person facility in six (6) months (with no existing relationships or presence in the Philippines.) Don guided and educated the team throughout the project. As a result of Don’s vast knowledge and relationships, LexisNexis avoided many of the pitfalls a newcomer to the Philippines would encounter.

Don’s services to LexisNexis were broad and included: establishing a legal entity in the Philippines, site/vendor selection, PEZA application, HR recruiting as well as cultural and business protocols. Each step in the process we relied on Don for guidance and support. The result of our six (6) month project was a huge success and Don’s consultation was critical from beginning to end.

We recommend Don Felbaum and OPTEL without reservation. Please let us know if you need further information.”

Terence J. Casey
Sr. Director,
Operational Service & Delivery

Eric A. Roberts
VP-Shared Services

Alex N. Watson
SVP-Global Content Development & Editorial Production Services

LexisNexis Group,
a Division of Reed Elsevier

“Don Felbaum and his team in OPTEL are an invaluable asset to the BPO industry in the Philippines. As an organization that promotes foreign investments in the Philippines we have engaged the support of various companies and institutions to help provide the needed support to all the business set up needs of these investors. OPTEL have established themselves as the premier organization that investors can count on for professional help in all key areas of company set-up. We are grateful to have OPTEL as an important part of our professional group of management consultants. They have clearly demonstrated excellent knowledge of the local investment scene and have delivered outstanding performance that met or exceeded investor expectations.”

Oscar R. Sanez
President and CEO
Business Processing Association of the Philippines

“I have had the pleasure of working with Don several times in the past in various capacities and with different engagements.

As the former Executive Director of Industry Affairs of the Business Processing Association of the Philippines, I am witness to Don’s dedication and experience as he graciously shared his time and expertise during the International ICT Awards which was co-organized by the Association. He has also partnered with the Association in various engagements to fulfill its goal of promoting the country as the premiere destination for outsourced services.

As Managing Director of Tholons Inc. Don has been a very strong partner in developing new lines of business as well as capabilities by enhancing Tholons’ activities especially in Mergers and Acquisitions.

In my current role as Executive Director of CIBI Information, Don’s assistance by providing new and credible contacts in this network continues to reap excellent benefits for my organization.

Don has provided mentorship and business opportunities in the most selfless manner that I have ever witnessed in my career. I would gladly support Don in any future opportunities to work together again.”

Jonathan De Luzuriaga
Executive Director

“I have known Don since 1999 when we worked together on various M&A projects with a boutique investment firm. Don was our legal Principal Advisor for all technology related targets. We collaborated on a number of investment projects during that time. We utilized Don’s extensive experience in the ICT Sector (Telecoms, BPO, Media) which was invaluable in our various undertakings. I can highly recommend Don for his professional expertise, teamwork and integrity. He would be a valuable Team asset to any Client assignment(s) that sought his outstanding market knowledge and relationships.”

Roberto F. de Ocampo
Former Secretary of Finance Republic of the Philippines
Former President Asian Institute of Management

“As former Chairman of the Commission on ICT, I have dealt with Don Felbaum both in an official and personal capacity. To me, he epitomizes the rationale behind the existence of an institution like the CICT – the convergence of IT and Communications Technologies. Don’s background first as a major player in the Telecom industry at a time when the industry was taking off and later as an active consulting practitioner in the early stages of the ICT enabled services in the country demonstrates his intimate understanding of this convergence.

Don was always my confidant and sounding board for ideas and programs that we were developing in CICT. He always provided current and valuable perspectives from the private sector, brought about by his direct interaction with major players of the ICT industry and his active role as Chairman of the ICT Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce. In fact, it was through his intervention during a meeting of the Chamber with the then President Gloria Arroyo that the idea of an Executive Order creating the Commission on ICT was introduced.”

Virgilio L. Peña
former Chairman Commission on ICT

“As former President and CEO of Integra Business Processing Solutions, Inc., I had the pleasure of working with Don Felbaum, Managing Director of OPTEL Ltd. Throughout my more than four year term as President. Integra is a captive BPO operation established in 2002 serving a number of Insurance based operations in the USA.

Don was an invaluable support to me during my tenure as President. He has an excellent understanding of the BPO industry and proved on many occasions his worth in advising me on different aspects of the business, in particular in relation to dealings with Government bodies and some of the major BPO industry players. His long term tenure and credibility in the Philippines has allowed him access to all levels of Government and Industry. His strong connections and active involvement with the American Chamber of Commerce also enabled Don to provide me with valuable introductions throughout the Philippines’ business community.

I have no hesitation in recommending Don and OPTEL.

Chris Duncan-Webb
Former President and CEO
Integra Business Processing Solutions Inc.

“Donald R. Felbaum is both a long-time friend, partner and professional colleague. As a consequence, while I can write of the man, I make no pretension as to impartiality of my assessment – I think highly of Don.

His over 30-year involvement with the IT-Enabled Services (ITES) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sectors has made Don an invaluable adviser to various players and stakeholders in these industries. The many satisfied clients of OPTEL Ltd (including myself during my years in the buy-out business), the consulting firm he founded over 17 years ago, bear eloquent testimony to this.

Don combines an intimate understanding of the ITES and ICT sectors with an excellent and practical understanding of the Philippine business, regulatory and political environment.

While seen as primarily an “industry specialist”, Don has a sound understanding of general management, what works, and what it takes to effectively execute strategy in a developing market context. Most importantly, Don brings a level of integrity and professionalism to his work that is truly first class.

He knows the major domestic players as well as a significant number of international industry participants – particularly those interested/with operations in the Philippines.

As a long-time active officer in the American Chamber of Commerce as well as in various important industry, business and civic organizations, Don’s domestic network is as broad as it is deep.

I have no hesitation in strongly endorsing the engagement of Don’s to domestic and international enterprises in (or interested in entering) the Philippine ITES/ICT sectors.”

Francis G. Estrada
Chairman: De La Salle University, Philippine Military Academy
Former Chairman
Asian Institute of Management
Independent Director/Adviser: Ayala Land, Inc; Philippine American Life Insurance Company; Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation; Institute of Corporate Directors (Fellow and Vice-Chair); Clean Air Initiative (Asia);

“The growth of the Philippine IT-BPO industry from practically nothing in 2000 to over 500,000 employees in 2010 could not have been possible without the effective collaboration between the government and the private sector. Don has been a long-time supporter of the Philippine IT-BPO industry through the advisory services of OPTEL and his personal capacity as Chairman of the ICT Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce. He was one of the biggest supporters of the government’s ICT initiatives and was an invaluable partner in pushing for ICT legislative reforms.”

Ray Anthony Roxas-Chua III
Former Secretary
Commission on Information and Communications Technology

“Don Felbaum has been a key asset to us over the past decade. His credibility, his relationships and vast knowledge of the business environment in the Philippines is in the Tier 1 Category. We are always assured that Don and his team will look after his clients in the most professional manner.

One of our most fulfilling involvements has been to partner with Don as a Strategic Advisor of various business events that our organization runs. The three (3) main events have become the largest the nation- Asia CEO Forum, Asia CEO Awards, International ICT Awards. Don’s contact sand relationships have been vital to their success and have even helped other companies in the process of supporting us.”

Richard Mills
Chairman, Asia CEO Forum/ Asia CEO Awards
Chairman, International ICT Awards
Chairman, Chalre Associates

“Don and I have been business colleagues for many years, both on the ICT Committee of the American Chamber, and also as professional consultants in the fast-growing BPO sector. Don is a man of the highest integrity. He is highly respected in the business community for his knowledge and ability to get things done through his extensive contact network. He has always been a pleasure to work with, and has been an ally in many initiatives relating to growth of the BPO industry in the Philippines.”

Frank Holz
AMCHAM ICT Committee

“Don Felbaum and I have known each other for more than twenty (20) years since 1989, when I was the President of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, Inc.

He has been an outstanding ICT Committee Chairman as of 1998 as well as Treasurer from 2006 top the present. Don has been an ideal Chamber member fully supportive of all activities and a great team player. He is number 1 in the recruitment of new members.

Don’s company, OPTEL, is well known for their expertise in Telecoms, ICT and Management Consulting.”

Robert Sears
Former Executive Director
American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines

“HDI is the world’s largest membership association in the support service industry and in the process to expand its services to the Philippines which is the capital of call center world.

When HDI Member Company requested us to develop a win-win partnership with a capable company in the Philippines, Don was able to lead and guide us to the proper people in the fastest way including finding a well-chosen counterpart, conducting all discussions between the companies and following up on any issues that arose in the process.

The experience was exceptional. Don knows all key people and is one of the most reliable people to develop BPO businesses in the Philippines.”

Tatsumi Yamashita
Founder and CEO
HDI – Japan

“I have known OPTEL Ltd and Don for years now. Don is a good friend and a colleague in the Joint Foreign Chamber of Commerce. His wide experience and knowledge in Telecoms and IT are very well recognized by our group.

Also, with his long years of experience in general management, business development, strategic planning and corporate dictatorship, he has a proven track record all over the Asia Pacific Region.

OPTEL has been in operation for over twenty (20) years now and is continuously providing the very best ICT advisory support services to a wide range of clients in a very timely and professional matter.”

Edward Eun-Gap Chang
Korean Chamber of Commerce

“During the past seven (7) years I have worked closely with Don on a number of different activities. Don is very professional and shows genuine concern for all his clients and contacts. He has played an integral role in the ICT sector during the past thirty (30) years in the Philippines and I have had the pleasure as the Chair of the organizing committee for the International ICT Awards to work with him as one of our judges. His knowledge and network of contacts in this sector has provided invaluable insights during the process. I always look forward to working with Don because of his professionalism and focus on putting his clients’ needs as the number one priority.”

Sean Georget
Executive Director
Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines

“From more than two decades of personal and professional contact with Don Felbaum and the company he heads, OPTEL, I can truly attest to the very effective role that Don has played in advising both multinational and national corporations about the intricacies of the Philippine Telecom and BPO environment. His expertise came at a very timely moment when the Philippine Telecom Industry was deregulated and when the BPO sector started to boom, especially in the first decade of this century. He has been able to combine his thorough knowledge of Philippines business culture and his familiarity with the western mindset to help his clients strategize and succeed in a very realistic way.”

Bernardo M. Villegas
University Professor
University of Asia and the Pacific

“I have had the luxury or working with Don for almost four (4) years now on the Board of the American Chamber of Commerce, Philippines. The oldest American Chamber abroad. Don is currently our Treasurer and has been past President. I have the highest regard for Don and his support for the Chamber without recognition or payment. Don is forever working behind the scenes to help direct, guide, manage and provide valuable assistance to the Chamber and its Members. Don is also Chairman of our most active Committee, the ICT Committee. Further, Don has also referred more new members every year than any other single member of the Chamber for the last five (5) consecutive years.

I have also had the personal experience of working with Don on financing issues for my company; Carepak Moving & Storage, Inc. Don was extremely helpful, went beyond the call of duty and spent extra time assisting me. His office’s organizational skills and service levels I found to be extremely high and recommend that OPTEL’s services be foremost on anyone’s mind that is in need of assistance, most especially in the BPO/ICT sector.”

Austen Chamberlain
American Chamber of Commerce, Philippines
Carepak Moving & Storage, Inc./Allied Pickfords Philippines

“Don first got actively involved with American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines back in 1998 when he accepted the chairmanship of the Information and Communications Technology Committee (ICT), formerly known as the Telecommunications Committee. From the start, his commitment and dedication to the task ahead were obvious and those qualities propelled the ICT Committee into becoming the largest, most dynamic and well-attended AMCHAM Committee with over a hundred regular members and an average attendance of 50 to 100 in its monthly meetings.

Not only has Don revived and revitalized the ICT Committee, he continues to serve AMCHAM Philippines as Treasurer and has held several leadership positions in the Chamber’s Board of Directors over the years, including past President in 2002.

Don is renowned and respected for his expertise in the ICT and Telecoms Sector, including the Contact Center and Business Process Outsourcing sectors in the Philippines. He has helped numerous foreign and local companies set up successful businesses and is well respected in our community.

Don and his company, OPTEL Ltd has been an active member and supporter of AMCHAM Philippines for the last 22 years.”

Jeff Woodruff
Executive Director
American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines